World Cancer Research Fund (WCRF)/ American Institute for Cancer Research (AICR) has published a Policy Report, Policy and Action for Cancer Prevention, that sets out changes that can be made at all levels of society to reduce the number of cancer cases.

It contains recommendations for different groups, from governments to the people who do the food shopping for their families. These recommendations have been made by a panel of 23-world renowned experts.

It is thought to be the most evidence-based report of its kind ever published and its main finding is that all levels of society need to make public health in general, and cancer prevention in particular, more of a priority.

This is a global report with global recommendations, but its findings can play an important role in preventing cancer in Hong Kong.

The next step for WCRF HK is to look at how we can work with other organisations to make these recommendations become a reality in Hong Kong. Through our education programmes, we will also be working to raise awareness of the key issues.

The report also includes estimates of the proportion of cancer cases that could be prevented through diet, physical activity and weight management.

Download the Policy Report