Our partnerships

We work in partnership with other organisations in Hong Kong and the wider region to help spread our cancer prevention messages

Collaborating with others ensures that we raise awareness of how nutrition and physical activity can influence cancer prevention and survival. In particular we work with:

The Hong Kong Anti-Cancer Society

Information from our Continuous Update Project (CUP) is included in relevant publications and CUP reports are featured on the Society's website.

We are also a supporter of Hong Kong Cancer Day.

The Hong Kong Department of Health

Our ambassador Dr Judy Ho is part of the Cancer Expert Working Group on Cancer Prevention and Screening. The group reviews scientific evidence on the effectiveness and efficacy of primary prevention and screening interventions on major cancers and formulates guidelines for use in both clinical and community settings. It provides recommendations on the government’s screening policy and raises public awareness on cancer prevention and screening.  

We also support the Department of Health's EatSmart initiative, which aims to combat the rising tide of overweight and obesity among primary school students by promoting and cultivating healthy eating practices.

World Cancer Research Fund International partnerships

More information on our wider WCRF network partnerships can be found on the WCRF International website.