Conferences and events

Every day, around the world, new research is carried out which increases our understanding of the links between diet, weight, physical activity and cancer

Every year we aim to attend conferences throughout Asia to present our research on the links between diet, weight, physical activity and cancer prevention and survival. We are currently planning which conferences we will be attending in 2020.

2018 conferences in Asia

  • HK Cancer Day
    9 December
    Hong Kong, China
    Prof TH Lam at Hong Kong Cancer Day
    World Cancer Research Fund HK supported this initiative, where the theme of the day was "say no to alcohol", raising awareness of the link between alcohol and cancer.

    Prof TH Lam at Hong Kong Cancer Day
  • National Cancer Hospital Management Conference
    19 October
    Beijing, China
    Our HK ambassador Prof TH Lam gave a talk on our Diet and Cancer Report and the updated Cancer Prevention Recommendations.
  • Symposium on Cancer Challenge in Hong Kong
    6 October
    Hong Kong
    The symposium was organised by the Hong Kong Anti-Cancer Society to provide an opportunity for professionals, academics and policymakers in Hong Kong to learn and deliberate how to develop a sustainable cancer control plan for Hong Kong. World Cancer Research Fund (WCRF) International supported the symposium with one of our Hong Kong ambassadors, Prof TH Lam, in attendance.
  • World Cancer Congress
    1–4 October
    Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
    Our HK ambassador, Prof TH Lam, attended this conference. Members of our Science and Policy & Public Affairs teams spoke at sessions within the main programme. These sessions covered our scientific research, including our latest cancer prevention report, and our policy work.
    L–R: Maxine Lenza, Prof TH Lam, Louise Meincke, Dr Giota Mitrou
  • International Society of Behavioural Nutrition and Physical Activity annual meeting
    3–6 June
    Hong Kong
    WCRF International hosted a symposium to present the Third Expert Report main findings and Cancer Prevention Recommendations with our three Hong Kong ambassadors and Prof Hilary Powers, Deputy Chair of our CUP Panel.

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