Asian Regional Research Advisors

Following the launch of the WCRF/AICR Second Expert Report in November 2007, WCRF HK has formed a team of Regional Research Advisors across Asia to help ensure our research projects remain innovative and cutting edge.

With so many new studies going on in Hong Kong, China and other parts of Asia, we have revisited our key research priorities and we believe that it is vital for us to provide continued funding to cancer prevention research. Research findings will help to inform our education programmes so that the public is kept up to date with the latest scientific evidence for cancer prevention.  Below is the list of our Regional Research Advisors:

Professor T.H. Lam

The University of Hong Kong
Chair Professor and Head of Department, Department of Community Medicine
Department of Health, HKSAR
Chairman, Cancer Expert Working Group

Professor Richard Fielding

The University of Hong Kong
Professor and Head, Behavioural Sciences Unit, Department of Community Medicine

Professor David W.F. Fong

Hong Kong Baptist University
Director, Research and Development Division, School of Chinese Medicine

Dr Jennifer M.F. Wan

The University of Hong Kong
Associate Professor, School of Biological Sciences

Professor Xu Lin

Chinese Academy of Sciences, Shanghai
Professor, Principal Investigator and Associate Director, Institute for Nutritional Science

Professor Dongxin Lin

Cancer Institute, Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, Beijing
Professor and Director, Department of Etiology and Carcinogenesis