Research Grant Programme

World Cancer Research Fund International manages and administers the Research Grant Programme on behalf of its member organisations in Hong Kong, the UK and the Netherlands

As the principal charity in the area, WCRF International’s Research Grant Programme is dedicated to funding research into cancer prevention through diet, nutrition, body composition and physical activity.

Our Research Grant Programme is an important part of our work to help achieve our vision of living in a world where no one develops a preventable cancer.

The research we fund as part of our Research Grant Programme builds on and is informed by the scientific findings from our Third Expert Report, Diet, Nutrition, Physical Activity and Cancer: a Global Perspective, and our Continuous Update Project. In addition, the Research Grant Programme funds innovative research that focuses on our area of work: the link between diet, nutrition, body composition and physical activity on cancer prevention and survival.

The Regular Grant Programme is currently closed to applications. Please visit our international website for more information on the programme.

Grants awarded to Asia under the WCRF International and AICR grant programmes are listed here.

Please contact with any enquiries.

Dr Giota Mitrou, Director of Research Funding and Science External Relations:

Giota Mitrou"The research that we support has an international reach and studies populations all around the world, with the aim of enabling more tailored preventive strategies that are very important at an individual level for specific groups of people at high risk from cancer"